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Robert Donabedian.JPG


Architect / Landscape Architect

License:                                   Architect, State of California, 1981– No. 11849

                                                Landscape Architect, State of California, 1976 – No. 01583


Education:                               Master of Architecture

                                                University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), 1976


                                                Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture

                                                Washington State University, 1970


Mr. Donabedian, principal of the firm, is responsible for all operations of the office from contractual arrangements and project design to plan documentation and construction implementation.


While attending U.C.L.A., Mr. Donabedian studied under some of the most internationally recognized architects in the United States and Europe. All of whom have had their work and teachings published in the leading architectural journals. A few of these architects were Charles Moore, Charles Gwathmey, and Cesar Pelli.


In 1974, while attending U.C.L.A., Mr. Donabedian won second place in a national design competition. This competition was sponsored by the National Institute of Architectural Education. The subject of the competition was to design an urban plaza within an existing framework of turn of the century residential housing.


Over the past years, Mr. Donabedian has been responsible for the design of several large-scale projects throughout the Fresno/Clovis area, as well as the State. One of his many early projects was the conceptual design of “OPUS ONE”, a specialty shopping center at Palm and Bullard Avenues in Fresno.


As an architect and landscape architect, Mr. Donabedian has been a valuable team member for several large-scale projects. Since 1976, Mr. Donabedian has designed several subdivision projects for Kesterson Development.


During the last twenty + years, Mr. Donabedian has been responsible for designing numerous residential and commercial projects throughout the State of California.  Many of these projects involved the design of the landscape in terms of planting and irrigation.

Dwight Hannah.JPG



Partner / Construction Manager

License:                                   Contractor, State of California, 2008 – No. 918616


Education:                               University of Nevada, Reno


                                                Saddleback Junior College, Mission Viejo, California


                                                Fresno City College


Mr. Hannah, Principal and partner of the firm Donabedian-Hannah Architecture, plays an integral part in all design and development of architectural plans, Mr. Hannah also has an extensive background in planning, construction supervision, project coordination, and construction technologies.


Prior to Mr. Hannah’s partnership in the firm, he worked and trained for three years with John Crider, A.I.A. Mr. Crider was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin East. While working under Mr. Crider’s tutelage and attending the University of Nevada, Reno, Mr. Hannah gained extensive design and construction experience.


In addition , Mr. Hannah gained much experience on many notable residential jobs. Many of Mr. Hannah’s designs today still follow Mr. Crider’s design philosophy.


Mr. Hannah also worked for some time with AVCO Community Developers at Laguna Niguel as project designer and coordinator. He gained extensive knowledge into community planning with an emphasis on site planning and tract development with enhanced coastal environmental concerns from both private and public agencies.


From 1980 to 1996, Mr. Hannah had been self-employed designing custom residential homes and commercial buildings throughout the San Joaquin Valley. He has gained a reputation for design excellence with many of his homes being featured in the Fresno Bee and local magazines.


As a full partner in the firm of Donabedian-Hannah Architecture, Mr. Hannah not only continues to design buildings of excellence, but also is committed to providing the client with architectural plans and specifications they deserve. This reflects the Firms commitment to excellence in all of its endeavors.

Mark Lafferre.JPG


Project Manager / Senior Draftsman

Education:                               Fresno City College


Mr. Lafferre has been with Donabedian-Hannah Architecture since 2001. During which time he has gained extensive knowledge in the development of architectural plans. He is responsible for all of the day to day operations of the office and is a project manager and senior draftsman.


Mr. Lafferre began his career in 1999 with Associated Design and Engineering while he was studying architecture at Fresno City College. While at Associated Design and Engineering he worked on both residential and commercial projects.


In 2001 Mr. Lafferre came to our firm where he showed considerable aptitude for the design and development of architectural plans. At our firm he has worked on several residential and commercial projects and is now coordinating such projects from start to finish.


In addition to his ability to develop architectural plans Mr. Lafferre has also developed the ability to work and coordinate with outside consultants He has had extensive experience working with different governing agencies and gaining approvals for many different projects.


Mr. Lafferre is currently preparing to take his Architectural Licensing Exams and continue his progress to becoming a licensed architect. During the past few years Mr. Lafferre has become an associate partner in the firm of Donabedian-Hannah Architecture. He has shown the kind of knowledge and ability that we strive for in all of our endeavors.


Mr. Lafferre’s knowledge and talent with CADD and his ability to work with governing agencies, in addition to his background in developing architectural plans, makes Mr. Lafferre a valuable asset to Donabedian-Hannah Architecture.